The Global Movement for Wonder and Good

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What is Sunday Assembly?

The Sunday Assembly is a secular congregation that celebrates life. Our motto: live better, help often, wonder more. Our mission: A Sunday Assembly in every town, city and village that wants one. Our vision: To help everyone live life as fully as possible.

We are here for everyone who wants to:

* Live Better. We aim to provide inspiring, thought-provoking and practical ideas that help people to live the lives they want to lead and be the people they want to be

* Help Often. Assemblies are communities of action building lives of purpose, encouraging us all to help anyone who needs it to support each other

* Wonder More. Hearing talks, singing as one, listening to readings and even playing games helps us to connect with each other and the awesome world we live in.


Our Story

Every tribe has a beginning, and this is ours.

In the Beginning ...

Sunday Assembly Grand Rapids launched on 1/17/2016 to considerable attention in the local community.  On Superbowl 50 Sunday, our little gathering made it "ABOVE THE FOLD"!

Front Page of The Grand Rapids Press

SAGR's launch was HUGE in conservative Southwest Michigan!

 For any who don't know, Grand Rapids is the home of Betsy DeVos and major Evangelical Christian printing companies such as Harper-Collins Publishers & Zondervan Press.

The GR Press Article

The response and interest was so great, we outgrew our meeting venue on our first day.  (Talk about "high-class problems"!)

Other folks notice the seismic activity, too ...

Another blog post on Rapid Growth Media even mentions scientific data to support reports and information ...

Meet The Founding SAGR Team

Every thriving community needs a vision and inspiration.  Here are the folks who have been active in directing and guiding our newest secular community - Sunday Assembly Grand Rapids:

The Amazing - Susan W.

Mentor & 'Sunday Assembly Junky'

Susan is the Director and President of Sunday Assembly Detroit, who energetically guided the Team through our formation and launch.  She also was our honorary Host/MC for the launch.

Lena R.

Founding Member, Chairman, & SAGR Host

Lena brings so much life and color to Sunday Assembly.



Melissa F.

Founding Member, Secretary, & Book Club SMOUP* Leader

Melissa brings a smile to everyone and organizational skills to any event!  She is talented and dedicated to the ideals of Sunday Assembly Grand Rapids.


Dave S.

Founding Member & Treasurer

Every living organization needs a brain.  We're just fortunate Dave is ours.

Jamie C-K.

Founding Member, Co-Chairman, & 'Tech Junky'

Jamie enjoys people most of all, but he has a lot of fun playing with techie-toyz.  When he's not playing, you just might catch him dancing!

Colette D.

Founding Member, Member at Large, and Chairman of our nearest assembly neighbors - SA Kzoo

Dedication is an understatement, Colette drove from Battle Creek just to help launch SAGR.  She's another one who enjoys 'livin' it'! (Believe me, you want a little of what she's got! You can get some of your own, if you just do some of what she does.)


Frank B.

Founding Member, Member at Large

Frank brought an awesome dedication and loyalty, with such an attention to detail he was always willing to ask 'the difficult questions' throughout our planning and launch.

Karen D.

Founding Member, Member at Large

Karen travels the world following music and Human Rights political activism issues, and is quite an inspiration to all of us!

Lou W.

Founding Member, Member at Large

Lou brought a certain 'faith' with an abundance of leadership experience and administrative skills.

Tim P.

Founding Member, Member at Large

Tim brought an awesome positive attitude and a smile with a sense of genuine hospitality to every event.